Discover the Benefits of Buddhist Meditation with an Ordained Buddhist Monk 

Have you ever wanted to meditate but don’t know where to start? Do you have an interest in Buddhist teachings but wanted to learn from a live human being rather than Wikipedia? Buddhist monk and teacher Bhante Saddhasara is excited to be able to offer bi-weekly meditation and discussion sessions that will help you reduce your level of stress and bring you a peace of mind which is sadly lacking for most of us living in the urban jungle.

Whether you have absolutely zero experience with meditation or Buddhism or are a seasoned pro, come and join us every Saturday at 06:00pm for a short meditation and discussion session. This Meetup is offered free of charge as a gift of the Dhamma (the Teaching of the Buddha) so please come and invite your friends. Wishing you every good blessing along your path and we hope to see you at our next get together!

About the Manhattan Buddhist Meditation Group

The Manhattan Buddhist Meditation Group was created to meet a need for genuine, spiritual guidance in the heart of Manhattan. Although there are a number of groups in the city dedicated to teaching Buddhist doctrine and meditation, there currently exists no group that is lead by full-time, Theravadin monastics. The Manhattan Buddhist Meditation Group hopes to be the first group to be able to meet this need by bringing monks and nuns to the heart of NYC on a regular basis.